Native American Indians

SS4H1 The student will describe how early Native American cultures developed in North America.
  • a. Locate where Native Americans settled with emphasis on the Arctic (Inuit), Northwest (Kwakiutl), Plateau (Nez Perce), Southwest (Hopi), Plains (Pawnee), and Southeast (Seminole).
  • b. Describe how Native Americans used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

Culture:These native Americans wear masks,ornate weaving,wood work,sing songs, andmyths.They speak Wakashan language or called the Kwak' wala language.They tell some myths by doing dances.They do delicate art of weaving .
The Kwakiutl is a group of Indian tribes now living in British Columbia, whose culture is recognized for the artistic totem poles and ritualistic masks. Before coming in contact with settlers during the late 1700s, they had a complex stratified society with chiefs and nobles and slaves that included their tradition called the potlatch. The Kwakiutls traded furs with the explorers and began to incorporate the Western life into their tribal ways. In the 1800s, they started working for commercial fishing companies. All these changes plus the European diseases nearly devastated their numbers. They declined from 8,000 to under 1,000. Today, the Kwakiutl population has grown to about 3,500 and most continue to work in the fishing industry.

Housing: This native american tribe from cedar planks and can hold up to 50 people! In the entrance there would be large totem poles. On each totem pole there would
be a carved animal which represents the clan or a group of related families.This totem poles are also made from ceder trees.


totempoles.jpgexternal image the-kwakiutl-indians-800x800.jpg.

Food:This people eat berries, bears, wolves, buffalo, and mostly seafood like seals and fish.Kwawiutl men are excellent fish hunters. The were the first native american tribe to use iron. They use this iron and carve it to use it as a spear. Two men can do the job of getting fish.One person can use a stick to push salmon or fish to the other person which spears the fish. After they are done eating the fish they return the bones of the fish back to the ocean

Clothing: The Kwakiiutl has all four seasons.In the summer the men wear small pants and the women wear short skirts and leggings.Sometimes there clothing is made from ceder trees. In the winter season men,women, and children where the skin of the buffalo to keep warm. On occasions they wore fancy moccasins and dresses.

Why these people have to use these supplies because of there environment?:These have to eat fish and travel through canoes because these indians live near the ocean.They hay have to make their houses,canoes,and totem poles out of ceder trees because they live near these trees trees.

Where they live: They in the Northwestern area


Weapons and tools: They use spears to catch fish.00111777_000.jpgexternal image group-weapons.png
They used iron to make some of these tools or weapons. They also use tools to cave totem poles or houses.Some tools are the drill, chiesel, stone hammer, and the O shaped adre.


These two drums are used during ceremonies ad dances.

This is the Kwakiutl Ceremonial Dance

Kwakiutl indian music:
Kwakiutl music is an acient art form, stretching back thousands of years
ago. The music is used for ceremonys and is based around percussive
instrumention, espesillay log, box, and hide drums, as well as rattles
and whistles. There is a four Klasila festival it is an important cultral
display of song and dance;Of the Tsetseka, or winter. A "Song master" was almost
always comissioned to invent and memorize songs before ceremonies.
Unlike other socail positions, the song master was not an inherited pose, but chosen
for his great talent in creating and memorizing songs.

Dancing: This is a picture of a man doing the wolf dance. The man is wearing a mask of a wolf's head.

external image dancer_wolf_kwakiutl.jpg

Here are some weapons the Kwakiutl used like a bow and arrows.

Nez Perce